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We nurture entrepreneurial behavior and open minds to innovation and change, but core to CEPD’s offerings are the latest thinking on management issues and in business best practice. Implicit within our mission is our commitment to:

  • Educate: new knowledge

  • Inform: best practice

  • Upskill: new competencies and positive attitudes


We offer bespoke and generic programmes


  • Amethyst Executive Development Programme, Amethyst EDP™: transferable skills, effective networks and networking, strategic alliances

  • ETD™: based on our Psyclops Model© where we integrate key aspects from Psychology, Creativity, Leadership, Operations (Systems) and Strategy in our processes and content

  • Managing Change in Chaordic Organisations    

  • Creativity and High Performance Team Building    

  • Managing Innovation and Change

  • Art of Perfect Communication – ‘theatre of  presenting’

  • NLP in Transformational Leadership and Creativity  

  • Body Language in business communication




  • Cobikky Model: Perceptions-Behavior Model:

This is about ‘Networking’ and learning the key basic steps in developing enduring relationships. The complexity in relationships that leads to business and career opportunities will be demonstrated.  The use of technology and new platforms for forging and building successful business and professional relationships are integral to this model.


  • Diamond Model:

A unique three dimensional personal development model which includes our “Seven Sights”, “Stars & Invisible Barriers” and “Kanes Knowledge Hierarchy”. This model is used to chart out the gap analysis of individuals and organisations. It is a predictive technique as much as it is a strategic tool which is used to draw up a plan of action.


  • Krypton Model (for High Performance Leadership):

Psychometric cognitive style assessment will be completed by each participant.  Each participant will be given formal feedback in booklet format.                                                                                                                             

The verbal feedback during the session will help participants understand their own unique style in relation to idea generation and thinking, process for completing tasks and taking decisions and managing change. This will help participants reassess their current behavior as required to engage more successfully with others whose preferred cognitive style is different from their own. Hence they will be able to take on leadership roles with more determination and confidence and build collaborative teams capable of higher performance and organizational transformation.


  • Creative Opportunity Finding, COF Model

Offers a range of powerful tools and techniques to business leaders and senior managers for identifying opportunities and problem solving, generating ideas with lateral thinking and using divergence-convergence processes, and decision making and risk taking for successful project management and implementation.


  • Kanes & DeCoursey NLP Model:

This is regarding excellence in communication. Techniques from Neuro Linguistic Programming will be used during the programme. Examples include language strategies, delivering verbal and non-verbal communication; building confidence, overcoming psychological barriers, leading by modelling the styles of successful leaders etc.


  • Theatre of Opportunities Model:

A unique model that is used to demonstrate explaining chaos, complexity and change at the individual, team and organizational levels. It’s very powerful at both the professional development and organizational transformation levels respectively. It also helps with our workshops on innovation in  chaordic organisations.


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