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CEPD's Mission
CEPD's Mission
We assist organisations in their transformation,
train and upskill professionals for greater leadership roles,
and coach and develop entrepreneurs and executives


Through our programmes, we:

  • Nurture entrepreneurial behavior

  • Offer skills training & professional development

  • Support organizational transformations

  • Undertake consultancy and research projects


Our programmes are designed to appeal and be as relevant to the needs of Baby Boomers leading their organisations as to those Millennials heading up important and growing businesses. To the Y and Z generations,  from linear to nonlinear thinkers and to those breaking into new frontiers requiring teams that are agile, flexible and responsive to risk and challenges. Each programme is carefully designed so that we upskill all our participants through the knowledge economy to the digital age – the 4th industrial age. To do this, we: 

  • Break mindsets, to instill a ‘can do’ attitude that facilitates organizational change

  • Release latent potential in individuals so that they may make the difference that makes the difference

  • Reform groups to become higher performing collaborative teams, and

  • Instill a real sense of servant leadership – “if I am the best in what I do, others will follow me”


 We research and develop most of our training materials in-house. This is derived from university-based research, our global experience and the feedback received from our workshops and clients groups internationally. This explains why we have highly effective training methodologies and our programmes are rated as unique, focused, relevant and current.

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